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L.A. Driving School Offers Behind the Wheel

Training for Manual & Automatic Transmissions.

Driving School for Responsible, Safety-Conscious Motorists

Slide behind the wheel as a safe and skilled driver with the excellent assistance of L.A. Driving and Traffic School. Our family-owned-and-operated driving school offers exceptional driving training lessons for students and adults alike to strengthen your automotive knowledge. From instructional classroom lessons to hands-on experience on our driving courses, our licensed and certified bilingual instructors make sure you are well educated on the importance of road safety. Additionally, we offer a fantastic traffic school for drivers required to take classes after being issued a ticket. Contact us now at (904) 450-1505 in Jacksonville, Florida, to discuss the budget for your teenager's driving school lessons.

Defensive Driving School for You

Sharpen your skills with lessons at L.A. Driving and Traffic School. Our driving lessons are a convenient solution for parents helping their students prepare for their tests. Our instructors pick your son or daughter up and bring them home at the end of the lesson, so your student benefits by maximum training time during each driving lesson. When it is time for your child to take the official test, he or she has the advantage of driving the same car used during every lesson. The instructor they have practiced with accompanies them during the test, so your trainee is comfortable with the examiner rather than being nervous.


All Driving Test are provided by Jax Driving School

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Attend the best traffic school for your money by calling us today at (904) 450-1505.

Prepare for your Driver's License by Contacting Us Today at (904) 450-1505 in Jacksonville, Florida, to ask about our driving lessons.

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